BBMC Winter Newsletter 2017

New Premises

As you may be aware we have been looking for new premises to relocate the practice for some time now. As of December, last year, our tender for the RSA building (13-15 Bute Rd) has been accepted. This is not finalised and we are in the process of carrying out due diligence for the purchase of the building and will keep you posted as to further developments.

2017 Flu Vaccine Has Arrived

1 in 4 New Zealanders contract influenza each year and some may develop serious complications like pneumonia as a result. The influenza vaccine is now available and is free for pregnant women, those 65 years and over and those under 65 years with certain medical conditions. Please book with reception Ph (09)479 5422 for your annual influenza vaccine. We will be running our dedicated “flu vaccine clinics” from May onwards. For more information on the 2017 Influenza Vaccine go to

Registering New Patients

With the ever-increasing growth around the East Coast Bays, Dr Michael Hoogerbrug, Dr Richard Hursthouse, Dr Trudy Warin, and Dr Eugeen Ong are now all available for new patient enrolments.  If you would like to register with them, please ring reception for more information.

Our Website

For more information regarding our team, range of services and useful medical links, please visit our website at

HPV Vaccine funded for 9-26 year olds

HPV (Human Papillomavirus) is a common virus that can cause HPV cancers in both males and females. The good news is there a vaccine that can help protect young people from HPV cancers.

This vaccine is now free for 9-26 year olds. Children will be offered vaccination at intermediate school, (for more information see whilst others can book an appointment with our practice nurse to have it.  Unfortunately for those older than 26 years who have not already started the vaccine course, the vaccine will not be funded…. so get in quick!  This vaccine is now free for 9-26 year olds.

HPV is so common that 70-80% of us will come into contact with it at some stage of our lives. It is spread by normal sexual skin to skin contact. In most people the virus is harmless and has no symptoms, so they can transmit it without even knowing.

The vaccine has been clinically tested and shown to be effective in helping prevent HPV related cancers e.g. cervical, throat, anal and vaginal cancers. The vaccine is expected to offer life-long protection. The sooner children are immunised the better and research has shown that response to the vaccine is greater in younger people. For this reason, those under 15 years only need 2 doses of the vaccine and those over 15 years require 3 doses. For more information on this vaccine please speak with a nurse or your doctor.

Patient Portal

Browns Bay Medical Centre is now providing patient portal access through “Health 365”. A patient portal allows for secure access to your own medical information, blood test results, medical problem lists, regular medications and electronic communication with your doctor. It also enables you to make appointments and order repeat prescriptions.  Nearly 2000 patients have registered for portal access to date here at BBMC. The portal information sheet and consent forms are available to download from our website

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