Bringing forward the baby 15-month vaccinations to 12 months of age.

Due to the current measles outbreak, ARPHS and the Ministry of Health are recommending that the current 15 month old MMR (MMR1) vaccination is moved forward to 12 months.
The preference is for all 4 vaccinations scheduled at 15 months to be administered at 12 months : These are:
MMR1, pneumococcal (PCV), Hib, varicella VV (chickenpox) vaccines.
This simplifies the change as much as possible, and means a single immunisation event can continue.  It also reduces the risk of the child not returning for the other 15-month vaccinations.

Recall children between 1 and 5 years for MMR1

Measles has now disrupted learning for children at early learning services and schools in Auckland. We are actively recalling all children between 1 and 5 years who have not received at least one MMR vaccination.

Children Travelling

MMR can be offered to children from 6 months of age if they are travelling overseas to countries where there are currently measles outbreaks such as the US, Japan and the Philippines. See the Ministry of Health website for more information. MMR administered to infants aged 6 – 12 months is categorised as MMR0. They will still require MMR1 and MMR2.


We are also vaccinating anyone seeking their first MMR if under 30 years of age


Please note  we currently have only a limited stock of the MMR vaccine. These are reserved for 

  • 12 month old babies

  •  4 year old children

  • children aged 5 who have not had 2 mmr vaccines

  • 6 -12 month old babies who are travelling to a high-risk measles countries

  • People under 30 years of age with no recorded MMR1