Patient Portal – “Health 365”


Browns Bay Medical Centre is NOW providing Patient Portal access through the Portal known as “Health365“.

A Patient Portal is a secure website where you can access your own medical information stored on our medical centre server.

Our portal is called “Health 365” and allows you to

  • Make appointments with your GP on line
  • View your regular medications and order repeat prescriptions on line
  • View your test results including specialist letters
  • View your list of medical problems on file
  • Have a secure e-consult with your GP

Please ask your doctor when you are next in for information on the Portal and a consent form to allow us to register you onto the Patient Portal. You will be requested to provide a unique email address and identification for security reasons, to ensure your medical information is kept secure.

Patient Portal Health365 – see below attached information sheet and consent form to join.

Patient Portal Information Sheet
Information Sheet

Patient Portal Consent
Patient Portal Consent

Asthma Nurse Clinics

Asthma is a long term condition affecting the breathing tubes (bronchioles), in the lungs. The muscles around the bronchioles become tight and swelling plus mucus develops inside the bronchioles.

 Have you seen one of our asthma trained nurses for an asthma clinic review?

Our asthma nurse can help you and/or your child with the following:

  • Preventing and coping with triggers
  • Using your inhalers correctly – Preventer and Reliever
  • Measuring how well you are currently breathing on your current asthma medications/inhalers
  • Understanding your medications/inhalers
  • Completing an Action Plan so you have control of your asthma

Please take a minute to think about the following questions

  1. Do you wake up at night or early in the morning with a cough, wheeze or tight feeling in your chest?
  2. Do you cough, wheeze or have a tight feeling in your chest on more than 2 days per week?
  3. Does your asthma prevent you from doing activities that you once enjoyed?
  4. Do you use your reliever most days or more than 4 puffs per week?
  5. Have you had a spirometry test in the last 3 years?
  6. Do you currently smoke? Most important do you know what to do in an asthma attack?


Please call the Surgery on 4795422 to make a Free appointment with our asthma nurses.

Dr Rick Barber – GP Locum

Dr Rick Barber is our permanent locum for all our doctors at Browns Bay Medical Centre. He has filled the shoes of our retired locum Dr David Lane since the start on 2016. Below is a short extract introducing Dr Rick Barber.

Rick is married with 2 young children and lives in Rothesay Bay

He graduated from Auckland Medical school in 1998

He travelled to the United Kingdom in 1999 to pay off his debts and find a wife

In England he completed a Diploma in Child Health and Diploma in Geriatric Medicine and finished his GP training in Brighton, to become a member of the Royal college of General Practitioners

He enjoys the whole variety of General Practice , has a special interest on older peoples health, moles, skin disease and preventative health care

Keeping medical matters in the family, his Mum, Jan Barber was the Practice Nurse Manager here at BBMC 10 years ago. Jan retired but we have managed to ensure she has  returned to be one of our most valued relief nurses.

Meningitis Vaccine recommended for young adults

Meningitis vaccine is recommended for all hostel/flatting young adults especially 1st year tertiary students. Currently the vaccine of choice (Menactra) protects against Meningococcal strains A C Y W-135.  Menactra is a 1 dose/injection vaccine. There is a charge for this vaccine.

Whooping cough epidemic

New Zealand is in the grip of a whooping cough epidemic. Whooping cough, also known as pertussis, causes a severe cough, and is especially serious for young babies and infants. Severe cases need hospital admission, oxygen, sometimes ventilation support.

We recommend you consider having a booster of pertussis vaccine if you come into contact with young children.

Women who are pregnant should also discuss immunisation with one of our GPs or practice nurses. Immunisation while pregnant is safe and transfers immunity to the unborn child via the placenta, helping to prevent your baby getting pertussis.