Our fees vary with the time taken and the nature of the problem. Home visits, After – Hour services, completing forms, immunisations, materials, medicines and longer than average consultations attract a higher fee. When the Government or ACC pays a portion of your fee on your behalf, this amount is deducted before you are charged. Fees are now also dependent on your enrolment status with the Primary Health Organisation. We are members of Comprehensive Care PHO, so that registered/enrolled patients sometimes get more subsidies than those who are visitors or casual patients.

If you have difficulty affording health care please speak in confidence to your GP or one of our staff. There are several ways we can help you.

Registered/Enrolled Patient Fees as of 1 August 2017. These fees may change independently of this website.


Under 13  Free
13 to 17  $        35.00
13 to 17 CSC (community card holder)  $        33.00
18 -24  $        46.00
18 – 24 CSC  $        46.00
25-65  $        54.00
25 -65 CSC  $        54.00
65+  $        45.00
65+ CSC  $        45.00